The future is now: Girls work by themselves and everything works

Twelve girls aged 13 to 15 made 5 web pages (from scratch!) in 4 days, with the help from Google, Microsoft and their mentors. Below is my experience of this machinery called #PostaniITGirl.


Author: Haris Dedović

Sunday is the day hated by many. Some call it the most depressing day. And the poor Sunday, charged but not guilty, has this reputation because of someone else – Monday. I hate Sundays as well. Actually, I hate it for some different reasons, but never mind. On this Sunday I woke up fresh- we did not go out last night. Usually we hated Saturdays, and not because of Sundays, but because of Fridays. Again, that’s not fair.

There was a training in the UN House which I had to cover and write something about. I’m thinking- just another event article. 5W, a photo, equipment, and bah- bye.

But that did not happen. In the room there were 3 trainers, 12 girls, 6 women who were organizers, Jeremy, and myself. I don’t know what Jeremy’s role in the project was, but I’m sure for that particular moment he wasn’t doing anything. I came there to get few statements from the participants and a photo or two, although Aleksandra covered the photo part more than well.

During the break I talked with the training participants and asked them how they felt and what their impressions were. I had to keep in mind that I was pretty clueless about coding and the young girls would need to explain everything from scratch to me, and they did. They started laughing as they couldn’t believe there was someone younger than 50 who didn’t know anything about coding. Well, I’m sure there are some things they don’t know about too.

So they start explaining to me from the beginning: “First we got some papers to draw what we would like to make”, says Amina, while her colleague interrupts: “they made something for students, but we also wanted to do something to help students, but since their idea was similar we didn’t want to look like we copied them, so we changed the idea into a webpage for travelling.”

Some girls heard about the training on TV, others via Facebook, and some were informed by their teachers, and I found out that at least half of them wanted to choose coding as their future career.

And then I said through my teeth: “Well, it sounds boring to me…”

The answer was more than clear, because every one of them, interlacing with the pitch of their voices, said: ”It’s not, not, nooot!”And then it was clear to me why they wanted to do coding in the future – they actually liked it!

As everything was clear there, I approached their trainers and talked to them briefly- they were IT students who are already serious coders.

On my question how is everything going on, one of the trainers answered: ”The girls are too smart.” I added laughing, “Are you already afraid for your work?” They also laughed and continued: “The girls are young, but they already know so much. It’s great, because while we were growing up, there were no opportunities like this for girls. And also we noticed something interesting. They say they talk about coding in their schools and with their peers. I’m not sure if anyone ever mentioned coding in my school, and now the kids are talking about it during recess”, concludes one of the trainers while they are serious not to prolong their 5- minute break. The break really lasted for 5 minutes.

And probably many of you wonder- but what is news here? Well, apparently for us the news is that females also code, that they can do it by themselves, and that they are great at it. For them, it’s probably old news.

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